To Eat or Natto Eat

Matt is smiling with a small cup of natto in his left hand and chopsticks in his right hand. The soybean mush is gripped by the chopsticks with a trail of goo leading back into the cup. He is smiling despite the fact that he is about to eat something gross.
Matt is incredibly fine with the goo trailing beneath his chopsticks.

There are many wonderful culinary treats that come from soybeans. Natto is not one of them.

Japan is very good at fermentation and it is very good at using soybeans. So it is reasonable to put them together. After all, this is how we get soy sauce!

Soy sauce is uniform in texture and easy to love with a savory flavor. Natto is the opposite.

Jason is not smiling while he holds up his cup of natto. His chopsticks also carry a lump of fermented soybeans with trailing goo leading back into the cup.
Jason is suspicious of the smell.

The soybeans are still solid, but they are mushy and slimy at the same time. When you mix them, little strands of goo form a runny web. When you take a bite, the goo stretches out like a cheese pizza.

I always smell new foods before I eat them. This is one of the rare cases I regret doing so. It sort of smells like feet, but blander. It is the smell you are looking for when you fear you need to shower.

The taste itself is disappointing. I expect something that looks and smells bad to have a taste to match. It is sort of nutty mixed with whatever sauce you add.

Our natto pack comes with  packets that resemble soy sauce and mustard. Mixing it in is a sight to behold so we have a recording. Viewer beware!

As you can see the main issue with this food is the texture. Before you taste it, before you smell it, you must mix it. You watch in horror as it reveals its true nature.

Matt is an experienced icky food eater so he takes it like a champ. Have you ever tasted natto? Would you?

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  1. I didn’t smell any weird oder when trying out the Natto. It was more like a plan, tasteless slimy ball XD

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