The Guys

Matt is smiling behind his tall cocktail that is garnished with a back scratcher!
This is the best drink with a back scratcher we have ever tasted. Matt looks pleased.

Matt is a travel expert with a day job as a business analyst. He specializes in helping people plan trips to exotic locations, booking hotel stays, and cruising around the world. His favorite travel destination is Istanbul.

Jason loves food and works as a software engineer so he can eat more. He specializes in over-engineering his WordPress setup, making solutions to problems that do not exist, and forgetting to hit save. His favorite travel destination is Waikiki.

Jason and Matt discover many new experiences together. However, it is difficult to remember and share all of them. So this blog attempts to improve our memories and extend our message beyond.

Jason is sipping from a coconut while getting some sun on a houseboat at Shasta Lake. This is a great way to travel.
Jason loves freshly cut coconut.

Blog Focus

You will find a lot of food focused posts on this blog, because Jason loves to talk about food. For instance, if you ask him his favorite part of any trip, he will describe a dish he ate! You can find our gross food related stories under the Questionable Edibles category and our good food related stories under the Delightful Dishes category. We hope you like reading about food as much as Jason loves talking about it!

Another common topic on this blog is gayness. We are a gay couple so we will write about gay bars and clubs from time to time. You can find our gay travel stories under the Homoexotic category.

The more you travel, the more you will find a unique set of culinary adventures. So explore with us and aspire to find your own treats!